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Is your candle still burning
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in the Lexington Hamline area
of Saint Paul Minnesota
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Scriptural references for:
January 21

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Every so often a gem; a shining light; a man of great spiritual wisdom appears; usually in times of great calamity and distress to restore the light of hope to a world sinking into the depths of despair.
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Moses, David and Daniel are examples of such divinely inspired men who changed the course of history and led men back to the pathway of holiness and righteousness.
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These men and others besides were chosen by God to restore God's holy vision of hope to a world that has always dwelled in the shadow of the twilight of spiritual darkness.
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Brethren, are you allowing God's light of truth to shine through you; is your candle still burning or have you allowed the cares of the world to snuff out the candle light of your spiritual life?
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