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They shall dwell in safety and joy forever
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at the Hosta Gardens of
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March 21

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We have a home, a place in the bright sunshine of God's Glory land waiting for us, prepared by the Lord, ready for us to take up residence there.
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It's glory outshines the sun.
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Hallelujah; praise, joy and thanksgiving be unto God the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. Amen!
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Let us break forth in singing and let our hearts be lifted with joy; for soon, very soon the Lord shall descend from the heavens with a shout and the Angels of the Most High God shall gather His Elect from the four winds and assemble them in Heaven's abode where they shall dwell in safety and joy forever. Amen!
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Let us be filled to overflowing with abounding hope and joy; rejoicing ever in the knowledge that Jesus Christ our Lord is coming and His coming is very soon. Amen!
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