Begin each day with Christ

Arise early each morning and begin each day with Christ.

Let Christ be your stay and walk with Him throughout the day.

Daily enter into His presence and be renewed in your spirit by His Spirit, forgiving all the previous day's trespasses that others did against you and be washed by the water of regeneration.

Let Christ help you every inch of the way.

There are no problems so great that He cannot overcome them and there is no problem too small for Him to consider.

Let Christ help you through all of your life's difficulties and trials both big and small.

James said, You receive not because you ask not; ask and you shall receive.

What you will receive will be God's answer to your problem and not your own.

God's answer is always better than your own answer.

Have faith in God.

04/07/2002 Jim Welch
April 7

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