Finding God is the greatest of all quests

Make God your personal quest; seek for God like others seek for money, fame and wealth.

Do not seek for God to gain personal promotion.

Seek after God, like a mountaineer seeks to climb the highest mountain because it is there.

Finding God is the greatest of all quests.

There is no other quest that is greater than seeking for God.

Spend your whole life learning of God about God; for God is the key to everything and God is the answer to everything.

There are many who when told that they should seek after God that will say, What's in it for me?

An evil person seeks only for self advancement and personal gain.

A good person walks on the pathway of discovery with a child-like curiosity with no thought of personal gain with a deep heartfelt desire to learn and to know God.

04/11/2002 Jim Welch
April 11

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