Set your affections on the things above

Lest at anytime you would fall from grace and turn your back on the Lord and become a son of perdition; keep your eyes on God and be not lured away by the temptations of the world.

Set your affections on the things above where Jesus sits on the right hand of God and not on the things of the earth.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and in all things let God be first.

Reckon yourself already dead to the hopes and aspirations that the world appears to offer and live your life on earth as if you were already risen with Christ.

With Christ there is life eternal; without Christ there is only death and hell.

Choose this day, now and forever, to walk with Christ.

No turning back, no turning back.

Onward and upwards with Christ going on before.

Where He leads I will follow. Amen.

04/15/2002 Jim Welch
April 15

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