Tribulations as doors and windows of opportunity

An optimistic man looks forward to the dawning of each new day because he expects good things to happen and arises each morning with a smile on his face.

He begins each day with a bright outlook on life and sees each day as a potential gold mine of new opportunities and discoveries.

With zeal he enters into each new task expecting the best possible outcome to occur and he quickly puts the set backs of yesterday behind him and presses on with abounding hope and exuberance.

He believes that there is an answer to every problem; he perceives of the difficulties of life as a bright opportunity in disguise and looks for the silver lining in every dark cloud.

He sees trials and tribulations as doors and windows of opportunity for a true man of valor and wisdom to shine in glory, an opportunity for true wisdom to shine like the sun through a crack in the clouds and be appreciated.

04/27/2002 Jim Welch
April 27

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