Abounding in Christ April 12 of Abounding in Christ

Truth is the foundation of everything good

The truth is the foundation of everything good and falsehood is the foundation of everything that is evil.

Men of truth are children of the Heavenly Father who is our God; but all liars are of their father, Satan.

Many they are who have sold their souls into slavery by participating in deceptive practices for what they perceive to be personal gain but in reality leads to a complete loss of favor from God.

Brethren, nothing is worth losing God's favor, no matter how great the personal gain may appear to be.

Jesus said, What does it profit a man, if he would gain the whole world but lose his soul?

Never attempt to temper the truth with a lie and never try to advance the truth by deceptive and deceitful practices.

The Light, Divine Truth, should never be hidden under a bushel of lies.
04/12/2002 Jim Welch

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