Abounding in Christ April 23 of Abounding in Christ

A humble man seeks to serve

Excellent things are done by them who abound in faith toward God; they who choose to do things God's way and not their own way.

The ways of God are always excellent and the ways of man are always corrupted.

Choose this day which way you shall go.

A self centered man in his mind perceives himself to be wiser than God.

A God centered man perceives of God having infinite wisdom and of his own wisdom as a single drop of water compared to the ocean of God's truth.

A humble man perceives of himself as a little child who is on a voyage of discovery, but a proud man believes in his own wicked heart that he has apprehended all truth and arrogantly thinks he knows it all.

A humble man seeks to serve, but a proud man seeks to rule over everyone including God.

When a proud man prays he tries to tell God what to do, but the humble asks God to teach him. Amen.
04/23/2002 Jim Welch

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