Abound in love, hope and faith

Great things are in store for those:
    who love God,
    who are faithful in God's purpose for their lives,
    whose hope and aspirations are centered on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard what wonderful things God has prepared for those who abound in love, hope and faith in and for God.

Yet in these last days:
    the love of many for God will wax cold,
    many will depart from the faith based on the sure foundation of the words of Jesus Christ,
    and place their hope on amassing earthly wealth and fame instead of the Kingdom of Heaven.

They like Esau who sold his inheritance for a bowl of lentils will be found lacking in the day of God's judgment and even that which was given to them by God will be taken away.

©02/25/2002 Jim Welch
February 25

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