Be faithful to God in all things

The Lord is Great and Mighty and all who give unto Him, He returns a thousand fold and all who withhold from Him a thousand-fold is withheld.

Remember Ananias and Sapphira how they withheld a part of what they promised God and remember what happened to them.

Always remember your commitments to God and fulfill them all and God will pour out His astonishing Blessings upon your life.

If you make commitments to God and withhold them God will withhold all His blessings from your life.
The suffering a man will experience in life without God's blessings are more than he can bear.

Let us than be faithful to God in all things and He shall open the gates of Heaven and showers of blessings shall be poured out into our lives.

02/15/2002 Jim Welch
February 15

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