The deceitfulness of riches

Our reward is in Heaven and not on the earth.

On earth the liars and the wicked seem to prosper; while the men of truth and the men of good will seem to suffer loss.

The deceitfulness of riches is the prime motivation of the wicked, but peace with God is the motivation of the righteous.

To walk with God is a righteous man's greatest desire, while a wicked man seeks only self gratification and self glorification.

The righteous do not understand the ways of the liars and the wicked, nor do the liars and the wicked understand the ways of the righteous.
Therefore, there can be no peace between the wicked and the righteous.

Brethren, when you realize that someone in your life is wicked separate yourself from that person, for any attempt to deal with him leads to vexation.

02/21/2002 Jim Welch
February 21

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