The key to victory

Because of the existence of our own inner weaknesses we are prevented from doing great things on behalf of the Lord.
A tiredness within our hearts, a weariness within our bones prevents us from having the energetic zeal for carrying out the will of the Lord.

Paul said referring to this feeling of weakness within, That what I would do, I do not, and that what I would not do, I do.

Jesus said, My grace if sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
The key to victory than is allowing Jesus Christ to help us to overcome our own inner weaknesses.

Dread is turned into zeal; bitterness into love, doubt into faith, fear into boldness, sadness into joy, strife into peace, laziness into industry; ad infinitum.

We can and are able to do all things by Christ who strengthens us.

02/07/2002 Jim Welch
February 7

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