Abounding in Christ February 05 of Abounding in Christ

God is the God of everything and everyone

Come, let us return unto the Lord from whom we have so quickly fallen away; for He is God and He is real.

God is God over both the quick and the dead, both those who worship Him and those who worship Him not.
He is God over both the faithful and those who are unbelievers.

God is the God of everything and everyone whether they acknowledge Him or not.

Your destiny is determined by Him, whether you are obedient to Him or whether you have chosen to rebel against Him, He still controls the reins of your life.

Blessed is the man who has found favor in the eyes of the Lord.
But woe unto the man that has displeased God, for there is no one who can help him in the time of judgment.
02/05/2002 Jim Welch

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