Abounding in Christ February 11 of Abounding in Christ

With all your getting, get wisdom

A man of great wisdom is a benefit to the lives of many; but a foolish man causes pain and suffering to the lives of all who know him.

A wise man learns from experience, but a foolish man repeats his folly over an over again.
Brethren, let us study to show ourselves workmen who need not be ashamed.
There is no substitute for wisdom and true wisdom is never easy to acquire.

If you must strive for anything, strive to increase your level of wisdom.
With all your getting, get wisdom and understanding.

Research a subject before you venture into it, because all roads have their pitfalls.
When you become aware of what the difficulties are in a venture, you are at the threshold of wisdom.

When you have learned how to handle the difficulties you have acquired wisdom.
02/11/2002 Jim Welch

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