Abounding in Christ February 23 of Abounding in Christ

Commit your whole life to Jesus Christ

Lest at anytime you would stray from the mark of the high calling of God and fall into disgrace; seek to live a holy life according to the principles of Christ in all that you do, at all times, in all places under all circumstances.

Hold back nothing in your life from the purifying power of Christ.

Do not be half committed to Christ and half committed to doing evil.
Be not double minded, one who is neither hot or cold but is lukewarm, serving two masters and hating both.

Commit your whole life to Jesus Christ and to our Father who dwells in Heaven without reservation or hesitation, holding back nothing.

Let not anyone who wavers in his commitment to Christ think he will receive any favor from God.

He who wavers in his faith is like a wave tossed in the sea.
02/23/2002 Jim Welch

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