Abounding in Christ February 28 of Abounding in Christ

A thankful heart is a delight in God's sight

Enter into God's presence with thanksgiving, looking always for the good that God has poured out upon your life.

There are many Christians who, unless everything is made perfect by God in their lives, do nothing but grumble and complain about their so called misfortunes.

Brethren, count your many blessings, daily, and give thanks unto God for them; for the number of good things God has sent your way are many and the woes are few.

To him who has a thankful heart even a greater abundance shall be given; but from him who grumbles and complains who has an unthankful heart even the blessings he has shall be taken away.

God looks at the heart and with the heart we can please or displease Him.
A thankful heart is a delight in God's sight.
02/28/2002 Jim Welch

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