Be the first to have faith, not the last

Whatever you do; do it with all your might and all your strength; both physically and mentally; even so do it.

Let nothing be done half heartedly but with a whole heart, filled with both love and zeal, undertake to do each and every task you do.

Let nothing be done out of anger and bitterness, but let all things be done with patience and love with the joy of the Lord in your heart with hope abounding and faith astounding.

Don' wait to see things happen before you believe; believe first then see things happen.

Be the first to have faith, not the last.

A revival in the church is like unto a fire in the forest; they are both ignited by a little spark.

You can be that little spark that sets the world on fire for Jesus.

©01/13/2003 Jim Welch
January 13

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