Let the Holy Spirit teach you all things

My dearly beloved brethren, it is by walking in the light of God's infinite truth that we are at last set free from the oppression of the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

Let God's Spirit of Truth teach you all things and guide you on your infinite voyage of the discovery in God's vast library of truth and wisdom.

As John the Apostle said in his gospel, If every one of these ( God's books of truth) should be written, not even the earth itself, could hold the books that would have to be written.

Of all these books that reside in Heaven's vast Library only a few are in print ( i.e. the Bible) the rest of them can only be read to us by our Heavenly Mentor, the Holy Spirit.

Let the Holy Spirit teach you all things.


©01/01/2003 Jim Welch
January 1

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