Seek for the inner riches and not the outer

Seek not to be great and mighty nor seek wealth and fame; instead seek to be good, kind, gentle and meek; having a heart filled with love for others, a mind filled with peaceful thoughts and a soul bursting asunder with spiritual joy.

It is prudent and wise to seek for the things that dwell within your heart, mind, soul and spirit that inwardly causes you to prosper.

In reality, the things within are the only things you can truly own and possess; the outward things will remain separate physical entities that never really will nor can become tangible part of you.

Brethren, it is what's inside our hearts, minds, souls and spirits that is important and not wealth, power, fame and fortune which are but fleeting fantasies.

Seek for the inner riches and not the outer.


©01/20/2003 Jim Welch
January 20

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