The final triumph of the Champion of righteousness

Come! Let us rejoice and sing paeans that declare the certainty of the final triumph of the Champion of righteousness over all the dark forces of evil.

Satan and all of his bands shall be utterly defeated and they shall be cast down into the pit, never more to trouble the saints again for all eternity.

Sickness and death shall be abolished.

The graves shall give up the dead who died in Christ and they shall rise up with glorious new bodies, incorruptible and holy, to live for all eternity abounding with love and joy, full of energy and power singing paeans for the rest of time to the great Champion of deliverance and salvation, Jesus Christ.

In the stillness of the night, if you listen very carefully you can almost hear the distant sound of their voices singing.


©01/10/2003 Jim Welch
January 10

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