Abounding in Christ January 14 of Abounding in Christ

Our joy is in Thee, Oh Lord

Sanctify us, Oh Lord and make us
    to be holy vessels overflowing with your perfect love and peace,
    a source of joy to all who see us,
    a comfort to those who are in great distress,
    a light to them who walk in darkness
    and a stabilizing influence in a world that would be otherwise filled with great turmoil and utter confusion.

Oh let your angelic heralds proclaim
    your joyous message of salvation,
    great tidings of joy and peace,
    the day of deliverance,
    the holy word of everlasting truth
    and the unending song of the Father's love that continuously brightens up the hearts and lives of all who hear it.

Our joy is in Thee, Oh Lord and in Thee we will find a perfect rest for our beleaguered souls.


©01/14/2003 Jim Welch

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