The earnest of our inheritance

Eternity is a very long time and where we spend it depends on how we spend the earnest of our inheritance while we live our brief life on earth.

Esau sold his birthright for bread and pottage of lentils and lost his place in the everlasting Kingdom of Heaven's pages of glory.

Brethren, to each of us, who are born of God, God has given an earnest of inheritance; a treasure of great value; a talent; and when the Master returns, He will require each of us to give an account of how we have invested the talent He gave us.

Woe be unto him who hides his talent under a bushel of earthly cares or who sells his earnest in exchange for earthly gain.

Blessed is he who uses his talent for the sake of Jesus Christ.

07/21/2002 Jim Welch
July 21

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