Christ has the power to truly liberate our lives

Life without Christ is a meaningless venture into a philosophical hodgepodge of a life filled with self deception and blind alleys that lead nowhere.

Brethren, don't go there; stay on the straight and narrow with Christ because in the final analysis, life with Christ is the only life that makes any sense.

Although, the adherents of some of these other philosophies will animatedly claim that they are offering you a pathway of freedom and liberty, they will in reality lead you to a pathway that leads to self destruction and spiritual enslavement.

Only Christ has the power to truly liberate our lives and to set us free from the inner ravages of bitterness, anger, depression, discouragement and feelings of turmoil and strife.

All Jesus has to do is say, Peace be still and the storms that rage within us all would cease and be replaced by calm and peace.

06/01/2002 Jim Welch
June 1

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