Enter daily into the Presence of the Heavenly Father

Enter daily into the Presence of the Heavenly Father; alone and in secret; leaving behind all religious preconceptions and platitudes; remembering always that He is able to communicate with anyone at anytime without the assistance of religious forms and procedures.

To teach that we need an intermediary for God to hear our prayers is to teach that God is deaf.

If God is deaf, how than does He hear the intermediary?

Brethren, God is all wise.

He doesn't need anyone to translate our prayers for Him; nor does He need anyone to convey our prayers to Him.

God knows all things; sees all things; understands all things and God doesn't need help in doing it.

If you speak to Him; He is more than able to hear you and understand you better than you understand yourself.

He created you.

06/20/2002 Jim Welch
June 20

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