God is a constant source of comfort and strength

Just to walk with Thee, Oh Lord; just to walk with Thee is what does bring joy and happiness to me.

Your presence, Oh God, is a constant source of comfort and strength to me and without you, my life would become meaningless and empty with no place for my soul to find rest.

You have become all things to me, Oh Precious Heavenly Father; My Friend, whose friendship I do cherish above all others; my Companion, whose company I do desire before all others; My Comforter, whose strengthening aid I need more than all others; My Savior, My Deliverer, My Lover and my everlasting Hope.

You are all things and much more than mere words can describe, Oh God.

You are my All in All.

Hallelujah; Amen!

06/29/2002 Jim Welch
June 29

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