God is the cause of all causes

Everything in life is ordered by God and all things are subject to God; The handiwork of God is expressed in everything and the Voice of God created everything.

Everything that ever has been; everything that is and everything that ever shall be; is of God, by God and for God.

Brethren, we are only onlooking guests in the unfolding of God's grand design for everything.

God neither needs our help nor needs our advice in the implementation of His grand design for everything; for He is more then able by a mere sweep of His Right Hand to accomplish all things.

To question the outcome of things is to question the wisdom of God; or worse yet is to believe the nonsense that some well meaning and misguided ministers are teaching that everything that is happening on earth is caused by Satan.

Brethren, God is the cause of all causes.

06/16/2002 Jim Welch
June 16

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