The night watchman for our souls

Begin every day with God; live everyday for God; give your mind, heart and spirit to God; submit yourself totally under God's will and in all things let God have preeminence.

Let God rule in your life; for either we let God and His goodness rule in our lives or Satan and his wickedness will take over our lives by force.

We are all like sheep who live among wolves; we can either walk next to the Shepherd or we will be devoured.

Walking with the Shepherd of our souls, Jesus Christ, is voluntary; being devoured by spiritual wolves is involuntary.

The good shepherd enters in by the door of our lives by our permission; but the thief breaks into our lives without our permission.

If we make Jesus the strong man of our house, the night watchman for our souls, the thieves and robbers will flee; for Jesus is able.

06/04/2002 Jim Welch
June 4

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