Abounding in Christ June 10 of Abounding in Christ

God is the God of truth and wisdom

Everything in life has a purpose for its existence decreed by God and nothing exists by chance or accident.

God made all things and by Him all things continue to exist; God doesn't do anything that is meaningless.

God is the God of truth and wisdom, He is not the God of ignorance and foolishness.

Every animal and every plant has a reason for its existence; to say otherwise is to challenge the wisdom of God.

Adam was placed in the garden of Eden to take care of the garden, not to destroy it.

God has given mankind charge over all life on earth; not to destroy it but to preserve it with loving care.

Let us than not see the earth as something to destroy or to abuse; But instead see ourselves as the earth's care takers whose mission it is to turn the earth into a living botanical and zoological garden of peace.
06/10/2002 Jim Welch

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