Be content with simply walking with God

The Kingdom of Heaven is given onto the lowly and the meek; they who seek to serve and not to rule; they who are of lowly estate and poor; they who are outcasts and who have humbled themselves before God.

God's ways are not men's ways and men's ways are at enmity with God's ways.

Brethren, you cannot be both a friend of God and a friend of this world and he who seeks to be great in the eyes of the world becomes an enemy of God.

Let us than be content with simply walking with God, seeking no earthly reputation or honor, just the honor of walking with God.

Brethren, when we walk with God we will find peace, real peace; love overflowing; joy like a fountain and grace shall flow towards us like a river.

Our hearts, soul and spirit will be satisfied forever. Amen.

03/12/2002 Jim Welch
March 12

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