For You alone are my God

Into Your Presence I will come, Oh Lord.

I will sing of Your glory and offer up praise for Your mercy.

For You and You alone are God and none other.

Everything that ever has existed, everything that exists and everything that ever shall exist, has been, is and shall be made by You and for You.

Who is like unto You, Oh God?

Who else but You can do all these things?

Yea, You created my consciousness, my soul and my spirit, and have me aware of the work of Your Hands, both in Heaven by Your Spirit of prophecy and the earth by my physical senses, and I cannot begin to comprehend nor fathom how this can be.

With great beauty and awesome splendor You stretched out the universe.

For You alone are my God, my Savior and my Friend.


03/18/2002 Jim Welch
March 18

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