I will walk with God

I will enter into the Presence of the Heavenly Father and joy will flow towards me like a river and my soul shall be satisfied.

The Spirit of God, The Father's Presence, brings love, joy and peace into my heart, soul and spirit.

He restoreth my soul.

When I get alone with Him in secret, He reveals Himself to me. Selah!

Without Him, my life would become empty and meaningless, but with Him all things are filled with meaning and power and everything seems to become beautiful. Selah!

Though no one goes with me, I will walk with God, I will go through life with His Spirit beside me, for He is my Friend and my constant companion. Selah!

Our God is filled with kindness and gentleness and His mercy is ever extended towards us.

I will praise the Lord always. Selah!

03/28/2002 Jim Welch
March 28

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