We are sown in weakness but raised in power

Death is a door that passes from our earthly existence to our Heavenly reward.

All who have yielded their lives to God while they have lived in these earthly houses of clay shall be raised with Heavenly bodies full of glory and power to live forever in the Glorious Kingdom of God.

We are sown in weakness but raised in power.

We are sown in corruption but raised incorruptible to be more holy than the Angels, saints of the living God, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, joint heirs as princes and princesses in God's Everlasting and glorious Kingdom.

When we cross over the river of death, we cross over to the Promised Land where all things will be made perfect and shall remain perfect forever. Amen.

Jesus Christ went into Heaven to prepare a place for you and when you cross over Jesus will be there to meet you and take you by the hand.

03/20/2002 Jim Welch
March 20

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