Your life belongs to God

Everyday with Jesus makes you a little better then the day before and by walking with Jesus you are made closer to God.

Everyday you spend without Jesus you will backslide a little farther from God and your life will deteriorate a little more.

The more we walk with Jesus the more holy we will become and the less we walk with Him the less holy we will become.

There are some Christians among us who ascribe to the vague notion that the law governing tithes applies to our time with Jesus also.

So they spend one day in seven worshipping and six days going through life doing their own thing.

But the law of tithes applies only to money and not to our time walking with God.

Money belongs to the world and you only give a part of it to God, but your life belongs to God, therefore all of it should be given to God.

Worship everyday.

03/22/2002 Jim Welch
March 22

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