Abounding in Christ March 01 of Abounding in Christ

Labor for the things that will endure forever

Labor not for the things that will perish, but labor for the things that will endure forever.

There is no reward in Heaven for pleasure, nor is there any reward on the earth for it either.

Yet in these last days many Christians will love pleasure more than they love God.

Let us than take our delight in the Lord and not in pleasure.

There is great reward in Heaven for walking with God and peace will encompass our lives on earth.

Your life on earth is the earnest of your eternal inheritance, don't waste it on idleness and pleasure.

How we spend our lives here on earth will be used by God in judgment when He metes out His rewards.

The more we serve God the greater our reward will be in Heaven.

Brethren, Heaven is forever, earth is but for a little while.
03/01/2002 Jim Welch

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