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Thoroughly re-examine our lives and actions daily
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at the Hosta Gardens of
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Roseville, Minnesota
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March 09

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Brethren, eternity is a very long time and what you do now determines how and where you will abide in it.
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So many so called Christians are so wrapped up in their earthly pursuits that they have not laid up for themselves a single iota of treasure in Heaven.
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These backsliders have slid so far from God that even their consciences have become so darkened that they no longer can discern the difference between light and darkness, good and evil, truth and falsehood.
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Seeing that so many have fallen so far away from God so fast; let us thoroughly re-examine our lives and actions daily and allow God to purge our lives from all sin and iniquity.
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Brethren, allow Jesus Christ by His grace to thoroughly purge your life from sin and iniquity; to sanctify and purify your life that you may bear much fruit in His Kingdom.
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