Abounding in Christ March 11 of Abounding in Christ

The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is strong

On earth we celebrate the day we were born of the flesh, but in Heaven we will celebrate the day when we were born of the Spirit.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, we must be born again in the spirit to be able to enter into the Presence of God the Father, now and forever.

For God the Father is Spirit and all who worship Him must worship Him in spirit.

The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is strong.

The flesh is in opposition to God, but the spirit is in agreement with God.

All who are not born of the Spirit attempt to worship God in earthly temples constructed by the fleshly hands of men believing in their darkened hearts that these buildings they have built are houses of God.

Brethren, God dwelleth in Heaven and to worship Him we must enter into His Presence with the Spirit alone and in secret.
03/11/2002 Jim Welch

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