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Let us begin every day anew
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March 13

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Arise early in the morning, at the beginning of each day, and enter alone into God the Father's Presence and be filled to overflowing with a spiritual renewal by His fruits of His Spirit.
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Being washed by the water of regeneration, the Grace of Jesus Christ applied daily by the operation of our faith, we can be cleansed from all our sins and iniquities beginning each day with a new and fresh start on life.
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Putting all evil and sin behind us daily, suppressing our old ways, we can be resurrected, so to speak, in the newness of life shining forth from the Holy Presence of God and achieve spiritual victory every day of our life.
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By the Power of God's Right Hand, Jesus Christ, we can be victorious over the powers of sin and death and be made holy and pure with eternal life as our crown of glory.
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Let us begin every day anew. Amen.
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