Abounding in Christ March 17 of Abounding in Christ

Faith is the victory that overcomes all

Run the race for the high calling of God; the perfection of our faith.

Many they are among Christians who never win a single victory in life simply because they do not run in the race.

They sit idly by because they believe they couldn't win if they tried.

They are overcome by feelings of discouragement which they could have abandoned by faith and would have been replaced by God with His abounding hope.

The willingness to abandon our weakness, faith, is the key to spiritual victory.

Without faith than there can be no victory over the sins of discouragement and despair.

Faith is the victory that overcomes all the weaknesses of our worldly existence.

When Jesus comes we will no longer need faith for there will be no longer any weaknesses to abandon.

We will be raised in Power.
03/17/2002 Jim Welch

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