Abounding in Christ March 25 of Abounding in Christ

Do your utmost for God

Do your utmost for God knowing that all men labor out of weakness and not from strength.

Yet in our weakness the grace of Jesus Christ is made manifest.

It is for this very reason that God sent His Son into the world because we were weak and not strong.

Jesus came into this world to heal the sick. to strengthen the weak, to set at liberty the captives to give compassion to the broken hearted, to bring joy for sadness and love for hate.

Through Christ's strength, because He has been given all power in Heaven and in the earth, we can be more than victorious and with God's help we can do all things.

Let us than acknowledge our weaknesses and shortcomings before the Throne of God that through Jesus Christ we may overcome our weaknesses.

Let God be praised! Amen!
03/25/2002 Jim Welch

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