Abounding in Christ March 29 of Abounding in Christ

God chooses those who diligently seek for Him

Earnestly seek after God with all your heart, mind and soul and keep on seeking for Him until you have found Him.

For God chooses those who diligently seek for Him and He will reveal Himself openly to all who diligently seek after Him.

Religion is blind but God is real.

Don't seek for the right religion; seek for God.

Religious organizations are but blind leaders of the blind; purporting to be wise but not knowing the Living God and resisting those who do.

When a person becomes entrenched in a religion he stops seeking for God; for he believes he has found the truth in religious dogma and even is persuaded in his mind that it is not possible to know God for real.

Like the ancient Egyptian religions whose gods dwelt in an inner sanctum that only high priests could enter into so are religions yet.

God is not hiding from us.
03/29/2002 Jim Welch

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