A life of spiritual failure

Everything we do for Christ being guided by the Holy Spirit with the motivation of the love of God the Father will bear good fruit and will last.

All other efforts like vapor will vanish and pass away without a trace.

Let us than seek to do the will of God for our lives in all that we do; being motivated with hearts filled to overflowing with love for God and from God; building our lives on the sure foundation of the words of Jesus Christ; being guided always by the wisdom and understanding imputed by the Holy Spirit.

If we try to proceed without wisdom we will fail.

If we try to proceed without love we will fail.

If we try to proceed without the power of Christ we will fail.

Brethren, to be victorious we need all three; wisdom, love and the power of Christ.

Lacking anyone of the three will lead of a life of spiritual failure.

05/11/2002 Jim Welch
May 11

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