Diligently seek after God

Earnestly seek after God.

In the shadow of the night seek to be illuminated by His bright light.

Diligently seek after God.

Re-examine yourself daily and purge your life from anything that is at variance with God.

Keep pressing in towards God's presence, ever drawing closer and closer to Him.

I will walk with Thee, Oh Lord, all the days of my life and hide myself under the shadow of Your wing and find solace there.

For you alone are my God and you alone will I serve.

I will serve no other master but Thee, Oh Lord; for You, and You alone, are able to protect me and keep me from all harm.

I will grow in wisdom, faith, hope and love all the days of my life.

Yet no matter how I grow, I can yet grow the more; for God's ways are limitless.

05/15/2002 Jim Welch
May 15

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