Holiness is not an accident

Holiness is not an accident or something we were predestined to be; but the result of us deciding to do things God's way and not our own.

Holiness than comes by the exercising of faith (the willingness to utterly abandon our ways in favor of God's ways).

It is than possible for anyone to become holy by dying to self and living according to the precepts of God.

This is the deep meaning of baptism the laying down and dying to ourselves by emersion in the living water of God's truth, being purged of our own ways by the Holy Spirit's reproof of sin and being raised in the newness of life, a new creature, walking according to the life giving word of God.

Brethren, let us than daily be baptized anew in the water of God's living truth, thereby becoming holy and pure.

05/08/2002 Jim Welch
May 8

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