Righteousness will always prevail

Do nothing in haste and refuse to yield to panic; but do all things in obedience to the Lord and in accordance to His purpose.

Let patience and perseverance be the way you deal with life's problems; there are set backs, but with Christ there are no defeats.

With God's help we can move mountains, set an army of devils to flight and cause the light to shine in the night.

All evil persons are like dark vapors that are quickly blown away by the Divine wind of the Holy Spirit's truth; because wickedness cannot stand in the face of righteousness.

Righteousness will always prevail and goodness will always win.

Brethren, always put your trust in God and always depend on Him.

With God's help we are the army of the Lord, marching, marching ever on to the victory. Amen!

05/28/2002 Jim Welch
May 28

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