Truth is like unto a bright shining lamp

Let God be your guide and follow His instructions in all that you do and say.

Lean not on your own understanding and make no claims to be what you are not.

Instead be what God has called you to be and eskew those who claim to be what they are not.

Follow after the truth all the days of your life knowing this, that they who follow after truth are few in number.

Remember always that they who seek for the truth and follow it when they find it are a delight in the eyes of the Lord.

But, they who claim to be what they are not, grieve the Holy Spirit by whom they claim to be called.

Brethren, truth is like unto a bright shining lamp that when lifted brings light to the whole household of God.

But if the lamp of truth be hidden than the children of God's household will stumble in darkness.

Let Thy Light shine, Oh God.

05/19/2002 Jim Welch
May 19

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