Truth is more valuable than vast riches

Everything in life is impacted by the spiritual quality we call truth and the truth will set us free.

Truth is more valuable than vast riches and is far more desirable because the truth liberates us all from the twin powers of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

For every problem there is a perfect solution and for every perplexing question a delightful answer.

The ability to apply the truth is called wisdom and the ability to comprehend the truth is called understanding.

These two complimentary abilities are given us by God to enable us to be both a blessing and a minister of grace to the lives of those who are around us.

A man of great wisdom and understanding is like light in darkness that helps us to see our way when faced with distressful and difficult decisions in life.

Brethren, quit substituting religion for wisdom and understanding. Amen!

05/25/2002 Jim Welch
May 25

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