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Why many Christians sit idly by

Eternity is a very long time, without end, forever and ever; yet few they are who will raise even one finger in an effort to lay up treasure there.

The reason why many Christians sit idly by like the barnyard creatures in the children's story Henny Penny in the planting, watering and the growing of the corn is due to one or more of the three following basic reasons.

The number one reason and the most damning for failure to serve God is the lack of love for God, the things of God and the Kingdom of Heaven which results in a total dis-interest in the things of God.

Many Christians are in this category.

The next reason for failure to serve God is the lack of willingness to abandon one's own way in favor of the ways of God (the lack of faith).

The third reason is discouragement (the feeling within) that causes you to believe that your efforts are doomed to failure and couldn't make any difference in the Kingdom.

All three are wrong.
05/13/2002 Jim Welch

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