Abounding in Christ May 20 of Abounding in Christ

Giving to God your all in all

Set your heart and mind; yea your whole being, to serving the Lord.

Commit your whole life and all your resources to Christ; holding back nothing; giving to God your all in all.

For this is our reasonable service to God; because all that we are and all that we shall ever be is from God, by God, and for God.

A half way committed person is not committed at all; for he has yet to finish making up his mind and still is in the valley of decision.

Decide this day whom you shall serve, God or your own selfish interests?

But before you decide, ask yourself this simple question; can you raise yourself from the dead and give to yourself by your own efforts everlasting life?

God can!

Choose this day and everyday from now and forever to serve the Lord with your whole life. Amen.
05/20/2002 Jim Welch

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