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The best use for prayer
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May 27

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The best use for prayer is to bring yourself closer to God, to increase yourself in the spiritual qualities of love and wisdom and to purge your life from all activities or acts that are not in accordance to God's will.
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Brethren, I say this with great sadness, there are many among us that only attempt to use prayer for selfish aims and self centered goals.
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They are not using prayer to bring themselves into subjection to God or to serve God; they attempt to use prayer in a vain and evil effort to get God to do what they want God to do; to make God their servant.
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Let us than when we pray seek to glorify God, to advance His Kingdom, to submit ourselves as living sacrifices to His will, to have our empty and wretched lives and hearts filled to overflowing with His Heavenly manna, and to purge our lives from sin.
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To God be the Kingdom, the Glory, and the Power forever. Amen!
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