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Be a beacon of light in the night
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May 31

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Let us than leave behind the things of our lives that so easily beset us and press onward, forward and upward toward the mark of the high calling of God.
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Forgetting and forgiving all things of the past which will be no more; for to dwell on the things of the past as many do is always counter productive and is always an exercise in futility that serves no useful purpose.
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The future is our hope and the future is when the Kingdom of God will finally at last come to pass; the dead in Christ who are in their graves will rise and all things will be made new; for all the former things will pass away and be no more.
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Let us than be the first fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven, the first rays of dawn's early light heralding the coming of the sunrise of the new day; messengers of God hope and newness of life; a beacon of light in the night.
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